I have worked on a number of cases over the years where my cyclist client was the victim of a road rage incident and suffered serious injury. These vary from injuries arising from deliberate running down, physical assaults or causing accidents through aggressive driving. Such cases are sadly all too common, but there is recourse through the civil courts and Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. Some recent examples of cases I have won include:

  • a claim for a cyclist who was left with serious injuries after a motorist got out of his vehicle and punched him;
  • a claim for a cyclist injured after being forced off the road by a speeding commercial vehicle driver coming from the opposite direction on a country lane who refused to yield;
  • a claim against a motorist who deliberately swerved into a cyclist as he drove along side him after.
  • a claim against a motorist who deliberately overtook and turned across a group of cyclists.

These cases are always particularly distressing and I am always happy to discuss the options with any injured cyclist.

Do report instances of aggressive driving to the police, even if you have not been injured. The police have a much underused power to seize vehicles under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002 in certain circumstances where it has been driven in a way that causes distress, alarm or annoyance. I will try and do a more detailed post about s59 at some point. It really should be used much more!